Sports Injury

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Please see your GP if you have a sports injury. They will be able to advise you where you can get physio

Brief advice for first aid for an acute sports injury (within 48hours after the injury)

• Protect the injured area from further injury
REST the injured area
• Apply ICE to the injured area for 10 minutes every one to two hours (wrap the ice in a moist cloth). Frozen peas work well. Rub a small amount of oil (e.g. baby oil) on the injured area to prevent a burn.
• Apply mild COMPRESSION to the area to prevent excessive swelling
ELEVATE the injured area
• Supporting the injured limb can be helpful in the initial stages
• Take a normal dose of your usual pain-relieving medication. An anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen can help relieve both pain and swelling, however, be careful if you have a history of asthma or indigestion.
• If you are concerned about any injury please contact your GP in the first instance.

PHYSIO DIRECT - you can phone 01223 446999 Monday to Friday 1-5pm to get direct free advice from a physio- please click link below

Physio direct self help referral form and details

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists public information leaflets

For advice re Repetitive strain injury please visit